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英语演讲稿 我读书我快乐
A man's life is limited, and how to make limited life had substantial rich and colorful, how to make limited life is brimming with the


英语演讲稿 我读书我快乐

A man's life is limited, and how to make limited life had substantial rich and colorful, how to make limited life is brimming with the rich fragrance, shine infinite light, how to improve the quality of life, let the life value? It is read.In the city, people tend to forget a lot of primitive life instinct and demand. The car instead of walking, TV instead of observation, instead of the communication network. We don't deny progress, but we know some things are never as a substitute, pure natural, such as a FanHuang old books, such as a classic songs. If we have a e fashion appearance, in the heart of the deepest, maybe we still attached to the red xiu added sweet elegant, cooking wine, and rainy night reading humorous calmness.Every man, maybe there will be similar in the dream, of the journey, and again again. Eager to walk in different places, but in reality, maybe we can only be in the office storm surge, labor market folded within.However, we can let your heart, and in the book of a book, from one place to another place. The accumulation of life, can read 10,000 miles feasible volumes.We cannot measure the length of life, but we can expand their lives, a width of the books, let a person benefit is perhaps one life. Total hope in FuSheng gypsy carefree, accompany us, is a cup of green tea, a book, After the heavy and complicated, total hope blatant left corner, make elegant after-working come-and-go sing...Books, let the simple people become rich, Books, let the world of man regression. In a journey, in heavy bags, red sandalwood wood small a few on... Don't forget, a position, give their favorite book!Like reading, like night reading. Although no red xiu added sweet, green also enough! Silent night outside classics, in a few, the people and shadow in pairs. Gently close to the history of I, like a stranger in the night, and go into the heart and soul of dust and QianChenBuRan to make clean, green tea, in full chamber, the beautiful window of the night, the fine product created under the lamp, the silhouette of yesterday and the loneliness and lay together.Never think that there will be so quiet that no desire mood. In turn, the ancient yellow pages slightly DanYuan engraved a clear memory of a kind of mood, gently, a stretch of generations, the mood of smoke, through years of rare, GeDing fitting for survivors. From the days of the pages in turn, an overflow of delicate light, clean and delicate and some vocabulary is the soul of self-sufficiency.We think that we at night alone in the pages, thinking that look for the fate of never. For the initial sincere throb, actually is a book, the life of the city life more need some classical mood, tender feeling and a after pollution can calm heart to read, the life is opened, the passage of time, the window is sitting under the lamp, not traveler, xi.If the time flow, night, such as the breath, gradually around and go to sleep. But I always bed, lights burning, read the text of the stupid, they like to read the spring charactizing a fine spring day. Read LeiMingYu floating in the summer. Read the autumn leaves wutong. Read the XueSu frozen winter. Read also read the JinMan tenderness, like all of my feelings.Long years, I will never in book my valentine. My words and have permanent alliance. ShiGuaiMingJian she will I comfort. Trouble for me grief she melancholy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good!


Travel and practice benefit learning knowledge more(like reading).When you go travelling, you can get much practice.You can use what you see and hear. You can practice what you want to practise. For example, when you see forests, you can know what nature looks like. You can know what is happening now. You can also know how to protect nature. These are not from books that you read.It is practical.亲:高老师祝你学习进步,每天都开心V_V!望采纳,thanks!


I went to Hainan Island with my parents for a holidy last week. We stayed there for a week. It took us only more than three hours to get to Haikou airport. We enjoyed the warm sunshine and the softwind. We walked on the beach and picked up the beautiful shells. We also surfed on the waves and it was really exciting. We played ball games on the beach as well. We ate the delicious local dishes.I believed Hainan was really an attractive place with famous beaches and mountains. What a peasant trip! We really enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Hainan

在线等!跪求一篇英语演讲稿 关于读书励志的

Do Rise Every Time You Fall “The greatest success is not in never falling, but in rising every time you fall.” This quotation occurred to me when I saw on television Evander Holyfield regained the heavyweight boxing championship which he had last to Riddick Bowe nearly a year before. It was really a great surprise to most boxing fans. Over two thirds had bet that the challenger would fail. The result, however, turned out to be the opposite. Did it happen all by accident? Surely not!Having enjoyed the heavyweight boxing championship for two years, you can just imagine Holyfield's depression after his defeat. He even thought of retiring from his boxing career. Soon he made a recovery, inspired more by the desire to correct his mistakes than to win back the gold belt. He reformed his training plan and hired a new trainer. After the 51 week's efforts, he succeeded in winning back the gold belt again.It was Holyfield's successful comeback that made me think about our study and daily life in which we are inevitably overwhelmed by frustrations and failures. Should we let difficulties prey upon us or shall we follow Holy's suit? From my experience in this part, I do not doubt the latter. Every senior middle school student will remember the Entrance Examination to High School. I am one of them. When I saw the total points on the score report, I was crazy because I knew what this meant to me. “Am I dreaming?” “Have I made it?” Yes, I made it! I really made it! “I am going to a key high school.” How wonderful it would be! Suddenly my life changed. It was an illness that put me in the hospital. After a long time about three months, I got to the new schoolyard I just could not wait to go. Everything had changed. I had lost so much time that I might not be able to catch up with my classmates. I could not even put my heart into studying because of my illness. I was in low spirits. Maybe I thought I could not be excellent like before. At this time I got to know Holyfield and his unusual story. The words “Do rise every time you fall” encouraged and inspired me. I gained the courage from the word “rise” and now I am standing here before you. Although there are various factors that influence our final success, it should be admitted that perseverance plays an important role. This encouraged us with a vivid motivation and unfailing incentive to strive and to be innovative to achieve all of our goals.From these – the story and experience of Holy and myself. I found the truth – THE GREATEST SUCCESS IS NOT IN NEVER FALLING, BUT IN RISING EVERY TIME YOU FALL.希望有用

英语演讲稿 一分钟 题目:读书使我快乐

I can get a lot of life experience and the realization of complex emotion.In my mind. In all the books,按我的速度来,可能要比一分钟长十秒左右. My story、绘画、篮球, my life, this is the place where I'm storing me happiness.译文。



我喜爱读书,不论它是涉及记事. To read novels,都是我生命中贮藏我幸福和快乐的地方。




读书不仅可以帮助我有效地利于我的空闲时间, I like novels best。



在众多的书籍当中:读书使我快乐每个人都有自己的爱好,诸如游泳Reading Brings Me the Delight. Every one has his own hobbies. Such as swimming, painting, playing basketball. And my favorite activity is reading, cartoons,我最喜爱度小说, reading has already became an important part in my life, it makes me forget the loneliness and brings me the happiness, computer or sports, I can not only make my freetime be useful but also I can learn a lot of knowledge which I can't learn from the class,而且可以让我学到许多从课堂上学习不到的知识. As we know, the books are the stairs that the human can take to move forward. To read books. I read many kinds of books. I like the books no matter it is novel, classical, because the novels are the most similar as our real life

英语作文Ann是一名中学生,他喜欢运动,读书,旅行,根据表格内容 ...

Hi, ny name is Ann and I'm a high school student. Among my hobbies are reading and working out. I have a passion for learning new things and I am quite strong in the Chinese language. I love to travel and see the world. To date, I have set foot on many countries but I've never been to China. SO, I really hope that I get a chance to visit China in 2008.


I went to Hainan Island with my parents for a holidy last week.We stayed there for a week.It took us only more than three hours to get to Haikou airport.We enjoyed the warm sunshine and the softwind.We walked on the beach and picked up the beautiful shells.We also surfed on the waves and it was really exciting.We played ball games on the beach as well.We ate the delicious local dishes.I believed Hainan was really an attractive place with famous beaches and mountains.What a peasant trip!We really enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Hainan




















英语演讲稿 My hobby

Myhobbymy hobby is reading.Different people have different hobbies.For example,someone likes drawing,someone likes swimming and someone likes collecting and so on i enjoy reading very much, because books give me knowledge and make me happy .story books tell me what is good ang what is dad .history books teii me to study hard for china. joke books make me laugh when i am unhappy .magazine books show me the meaning of life .with the help of books i know much knowledge than used to .books are me best friengs, they often help me when i am in trouble. i love books ,i love reading.我的爱好我的爱好是读书。